Kau Allah Yang Besar

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Kau Allah Yang Besar
Ir. Welyar Kauntu
Key: G

          G          B7          Em7   G/D
Kau Allah yang besar,  ajaib dan mulia
      C              Am7         D11    D
Kau Yesus yang s'lalu  membuatku terpesona
       G     B7       Em7     G/D
S'gala pujian  bagiMu ya Tuhan
      Am7           D11  D    G
Hanya Kau yang layak   kuagungkan

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  1. Pada mulanya Allah..Kj 1:1.Terpujilah namaNya. Amin

  2. I have been here to praise Your Name Lord, with all others who have faith in You and all creators in this bright morning at Jakarta city. You are my lovest One. I love you so much. You own me. I am Yours. And am pray and thank for Holy Spirit that always inside me, from now on to forever. Till meet You, Lord. Amin🙏

  3. Thank you sir for your appreciate, this is just my personal work, it is only me and no one, that is why sometimes it getting late to update the sermon. God Bless you too sir.